Australia-China anniversary

Celebrating 45 years of diplomatic relations

45th Australia-China diplomatic relations anniversary logo design.

25th Australia-South China diplomatic relations anniversary logo design.

Iconic buildings in Sydney and Guangzhou represent the two countries.

Media banners and secondary logo designs for specific events were also part of the campaign.

Merchandising items were designed as part of the campaign. 

The warm colours and waves pattern evoke the sand found in the Australian outback. The fish scale pattern is representative of Chinese culture. 

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Australia and China, entica was commissioned to design a distinctive logotype to be used in events, signage, websites and other applications. 

The design incorporates subtle patterns that represent the two nations, the warm colours also identify elements of the Australian landscape and the Chinese cultural heritage. 

Another milestone that was part of this campaign was the 25th anniversary of the Australia-South China diplomatic relations. In this instance, there is an architectural iconography that identifies the two nations. The two logos share a similar look and feel with distinctive features for their own markets.

Scope of work:
Brand Identity, merchandising design, digital banners and signage design.

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