Our Services

We work collaboratively to take your business where you want it to be. We can help whether it be refreshing your brand, designing a completely new approach to business or just refining the ways you communicate. Below are just some of the services we offer.

Brand Audits

Find your place in the world.

Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? Why should they care?. Entica helps you answer these important questions.

We understand every business is different, this is why we listen, translate, analyse, identify your goals and finally work strategically towards whatever that end goal is.

Brand Design

Tell your story.

In this ever-changing world, tough challenges are always around the corner.

Entica specialises in providing strategic branding advice and solutions fit for purpose. We have a long and successful history in developing brand design programs and brand guidelines for organisations operating in a number of different sectors.

Wayfinding Signage

Creating Destinations.

Signage as a way to communicate and encourage certain behaviours is a vital element of good wayfinding systems.

From inspiration, to concept, to reality, Entica has the experience to translate your brand message or placemaking strategy into the third dimension.

Local Government

Think globally, act locally.

As local governments around Australia are challenged to provide more services and facilities to more communities—to be more accountable and accessible, more efficient and responsive—strategic branding has an integral role to play in communicating and making sense of it all.

An effective, integrated brand positively and comprehensively represents council, the place, the community and the many and varied services and facilities they comprise.